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Who needs Mastering?

Mastering is essential for making that leap from what you hear in your head to something someone would want to own. Historically the best sounding master could make or break a record. Mastering is giving the song a chance to benefit from fresh ears and expert reference monitoring to create a dynamic record without joining the 'Loudness War'. It is your last chance to even out inaccuracies of your mix that didn't get heard before in the design room - to maximize space and clarity that could get lost further down the chain.

why not use an online mastering site?

What makes a great master cannot be seen by an online algorithm. Being new to something keeps you from knowing the difference between what's better, because while you may have a comparison of your own music, you don't have a comparison of multiple songs next to each other - with even volume, even breadth, even width & even depth. The most you can do is turn your mix up; but "loudness only" doesn't make your song a hit.

Why should I trust you to do it?

With us, one song is enough to gain each other's rhythm. Everything else will take care of itself. As a token of our appreciation, you can scroll down to the bottom for samples of what's coming soon.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Some people hear "Yanny" while others hear "Laurel." We will recommend you to another lab that does great work also. It will be more expensive, but necessary if it's a project we can't handle for the price point we provide.

In his own words.

"I'm the Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs. I've been reshaping House, Electronic, Jazz, Dance, Funk and the spoken word. I've engineered over 2 decades of sessions from the 90s to now. Quiet as it's kept, I stepped away from the music world and went into film & video production. Walking away was a good idea. It healed my hearing from the unnecessary roughness of club-standard volumes. It allowed me to provide better sounding mixes as well as recognize the necessity for clearer vocals on some of the strongest track arrangements. I treat every master with the respect it deserves without prejudice."

 The Apple iMac Pro

The Apple iMac Pro

Did you ever hear?

Did you ever hear a master from the lab that no matter how many times you sent it, it came back unusable? There are many songs that need a meticulous & precise mix. We can only fix what the client gives us. Although music masters are recorded much louder, what happens over the peak threshold is not a mystery to us. Saturated compression, crushed vocals, over-maximized & deteriorated kick drums, mashed backgrounds, dark matter and many other avoidable issues happen to a song before the master is approved. Many times a project can be rushed in order to meet quotas with so many masters to finish in a day. This can leave your final master treated like cattle. Massive-Passive treatments are necessary, but there are times when the song needs to be allowed to breathe, or to be left alone with minor touches instead of getting cookie cutter treatment for another invoice.

Anolog Vs. Digital?

The beauty of digital and analog comes down to the right engineering ears with the right motives. Both platforms can give a master anything and everything it needs to stand out like many great masters before it. The great musical works done by Capital Records engineers for artists like the late 'Nat King Cole' prove that it matters what you use to get the job done AND how you use it. The digital audio realm had limitations, but now we've scored some amazing results with it. Experimenting with all kinds of mixing environments, studios large & small, we have created a mastering suite that gives insane results.

Gaming Technology by companies like Nvidia, Artificial Intelligence (Box), Banking Mainframes and many other advanced technologies have forced the computing world to think twice about how CPU, GPU & TPU are used. Creating music in the digital environment is not something to take lightly anymore. With so many software plugins available, as much as we love the hardware personality that classic tubes give us, it's not something that can be replaced - but used as a template to personalities found inside GPU & TPU. Whether you build your house with steel, wood, brick or a 3D printer, it's the integrity of the estate and how strong it appreciates among the rest that make the difference in years to come.

 Neve AMS Genesys Black (Analog/Digital Console)

Neve AMS Genesys Black (Analog/Digital Console)

It’s not just about storage, it’s not just about CPUs, it’s about GPUs & the ability to pipeline enormous amounts of data very quickly.
— Chamath Palihapitiya

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Foremost Poets - The Richard Long Theory

Release Date: November, 2018

Songs: 22 Tracks

Foremost Poets aka Johnny Dangerous pays homage to a man who is no myth. From the mid 70s to now, Richard Long's award winning sound theory makes a breathtaking impact on the loud speaker experience. Richard's unprecedented soundsystem not only changed music, but it changed how and why music is made. Music makers young and old, unmastered demos, mastered promos foreign & domestic would test their music on Richard Long & Associates soundsystem to see if their final mix held up to expectation.

Richard Long made music, made careers, made legends, made memories, made magic & just made sense.
The Foremost Poets holds high praise to one of the most unsung scientist in music history with this upcoming album.